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Theology and #ywchat Think Tank tonight. Been reading Phillip Sheldrake 'The Spiritual City'.…


Youth work is awkward

I was chatting to Joy Faulkner the other day at Urban Hope, and we were reflecting on how much awkwardness youth work entails.

Silent Racism

Jeremiah, based at Riverside Church on the edge of Harlem, is exploring what silent racism means, through the Theatre of the Oppressed program there. Inspired by Barbara Trepagnier’s book and work on ‘Silent Racism’, the group are voicing feelings and reflections on their own experiences and their own prejudices in encounters with those of a different race. Here it is not necessarily about what is said but what isn’t – the honesty of being able to admit the bigotries and biases that are in us, when we are honest enough to confront them – and from here to act in a way that tackles these.

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Walter Wink’s ‘The Powers that Be’

In 2016 CONCRETE formed a Theology and Youth Ministry reading group. The aim of the group is to read something thought provoking every 6 weeks and meet to reflect on it in light of urban Youth Ministry. The group is made up of James Fawcett from CONCRETE, Naomi Luff from XLP and Tim Broadbent from St Mary, Islington. The first book we read was the ‘Powers That Be’ by the theologian Walter Wink. What follows is a brief summary of the book and highlights of a conversation about the text.

Prejudices – Pre – Judging

I’m always surprised by my prejudices. Young people seem to bring them out of me regularly. I think it’s really important to know them and understand them as to deal/challenge or avoid them.

Appreciate me!!!!!!!

I love the story of the feeding of the 5000. I was thinking that potentially quite a lot of the 5000 missed the miracle.

MABS Film Project

This trailer is for a 3-year project which will follow the work of the MABS Project at St Andrews Enfield from January 2016.

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What to do when you screw up…

From the moment we open our doors on a Thursday evening at Urban Hope a million decisions have to be made in split second moments, and no matter how experienced and focused you are inevitably you will make the wrong call.

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